Guidewire Development Leads - Policy Center/Claim Center/Digital Portal/Billing Center at Top Insurance Firm

Experience desired
8 years
Salary Offered
zł 18K - 22K Per Year
Job type
over 1 year ago
Primary skills
Project implementation, Guidewire, Rally, Relationship Building, Project Documentation, Guidewire configuring
Secondary skills
Agile, Customer Support, Communication Skills, Time Management, Creative Services
Job description

Ideal Candidate must have a valid Guidewire certification and the following work experience for this position. You are expected to travel 50-80% of the time (should be ready to travel across Europe for GW projects) – it can be 4 days in any EU location & Friday can be from Warsaw office / WFH).

Open for both Permanent and Contract roles. 

Job Description:

Must have 8 years in a web-based Enterprise architecture environments including- 

● Relevant implementation experience
● Possesses cross-functional skills and has experience working on small teams
● Able to lead small teams
● Contributes meaningfully to requirement and functional design documentation
● Able to accurately estimate project tasks
● Demonstrates leadership ability for small or short-term projects in the consultant's designated skill area
● Influences base product usage
● Understands our alignment methodology and best practices on projects
● Able to demonstrate and explain product features, in their area of expertise, to customers, and partners

● Able to lead small and short-term projects with limited scope and  interdependencies
● Can actively participate in all project phases
● Prepares realistic plans (quality, risk, and communications) and tracks activities against the project schedule
● Provides regular and accurate reports to stakeholders as appropriate
● Monitors costs, timelines, and resources used; takes action where these deviate from the plan
● Ensures partners are engaged in project work

● Cultivates positive working relationships with colleagues and the project leadership team based on mutual trust, respect, and credibility
● Manages expectations that lead to a positive impact on customer, partner, and employees' work and projects
● Collaborates with customers and partners on cross-functional activities to achieve organizational objectives

● Communicates effectively with customers and partners remotely and in person
● Fosters two-way communication with all stakeholders
● Validates personal understanding of others’ communication (e.g., paraphrases, asks questions)
● Explains the immediate context of the situation, asks questions with follow-ups, and solicits advice prior to taking action
● Helps establish communication plans and/or systems that support the objectives of Guidewire, our customers, and any involved partners

● Gathers information from the customer to understand their needs and detailed requirements
● Helps devise solutions for customer requirements to solve straightforward problems
● Suggests alternative approaches that meet the needs of the organization, the situation, and those involved  
● Escalates issues, suggests further investigation, and provides options as required
● Identifies, assesses, and manages risks for project success

● Designs, codes, tests, corrects, and documents moderately complex programs and program modifications from supplied specifications, using agreed standards and tools
● Mentors other project members on Guidewire best practices

● Reviews specifications with others as needed  
● Applies and maintains tools, techniques, and processes to identify, classify, and control configuration items

● Defines the integration build and produces a build definition for software generation
● Accepts software modules from software developers and produces software builds which are loaded onto target hardware from software source code
● Configures the hardware environment, produces integration test specifications, conducts tests, and records the details of any failures

● Helps newer team members locate methodology content
● Mentors customer resources on Guidewire features and best practices

● Experience in multiple phases of Guidewire projects
● Moderate knowledge of core methodology assets
● Understands where to find answers to methodology questions

● Broad understanding of important product features gained through project experience or training
● Experience with a one or more lines of business
● Understands the key components of insurance operations

● Creates, submits, and corrects time and expense reports in a timely manner using the PSA
● Uses company resources in a responsible and cost-conscious manner

Message to candidate


● Must be eligible to work in Poland and no sponsorship will be provided.

● Proven experience

● No CCJs

● Fully completed applications


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