Guidewire Architect - Policy Center/Claim Center/Digital Portal/Billing Center at Top Insurance Firm

Experience desired
8 years
Salary Offered
zł 18K - 22K Per Year
Job type
over 2 years ago
Primary skills
Project implementation, Guidewire, Rally, Relationship Building, Project Documentation, Guidewire configuring
Secondary skills
Agile, Customer Support, Communication Skills, Time Management, Creative Services
Job description

Ideal Candidate must have a valid Guidewire certification and the following work experience for this position. You are expected to travel 50-80% of the time.

Open for both Permanent and Contract roles. 

Job Description:

Must have 8 years in a web-based Enterprise architecture environments including- 

● Relevant professional leadership experience
● Able to design and estimate solutions for medium complexity product gaps and enhancements
● Able to lead small- to medium-sized implementation projects for a single product
● Works with Guidewire's Customer Enablement team to share configuration concepts that further develop and improve our core product features
● Consults with insurer's business and technical resources to produce business requirements and functional design documents as a functional resource
● May participate in a supporting role during Inception to research and answer product and design questions
● Teams with customer and partner resources to understand objectives and requirements using both business and technical skills
● Actively participates in the Guidewire community (e.g. support lists, accelerators, methodology) to help continuously improve our delivery and support of customers and partners

● Takes full responsibility for the definition, documentation, and satisfactory completion of medium-scale projects
● Ensures that realistic project and quality plans are prepared and maintained
● Ensures quality reviews occur on schedule and according to procedure
● Ensures that project deliverables are completed and signed off within planned cost, timeline, and resources budgeted
● Manages the change control procedure
● Provides effective leadership to the project team and takes appropriate action where team performance deviates from agreed tolerances

● Demonstrates the ability to develop a network of sound relationships with customers, partners, and employees
● Maintains healthy relationships even in difficult situations
● Effectively navigating constraints amid competing priorities to help customers and partners make informed decisions
● Interacts with project leadership on a regular basis
● Achieves "win-win-win" outcomes for Guidewire, customers, and partners by identifying common interests, clarifying differences, and achieving consensus or compromise where possible

● Communicates effectively at varied levels of customer and partner organizations
● Tailors communication (e.g., content, style, and medium) to diverse audiences
● Understands others’ underlying needs, motivations, emotions, or concerns to communicate effectively despite the sensitivity of the situation
● Explains the context of interrelated situations, asks probing questions, and works with multiple resources to take action
● Defuses difficult situations between team members

● Presents facts, analysis, conclusions, and solutions to customers and partners
● Anticipates problems and applies an original and systematic approach to investigate and resolve problems
● Provides exemplary service, technical advice, and guidance on all matters bearing on the successful use of complex products and services
● Suggests multiple viable alternatives to complex issues as well as a recommended course of action 
● Estimates resources required to resolve the problem and collaborates with impacted stakeholders on the resolution
● Engages customers and partners in issue resolution and decision making

● Designs, codes, tests, corrects, and documents large complex programs and program modifications from supplied specifications using agreed standards and tools to achieve a well engineered result

● Participates in work product reviews and leads reviews of colleagues' work 
● Manages configuration items (CIs) and related information

● Designs and builds integration components and interfaces
● Contributes to decisions about tools, methods, and approaches

● Coaches junior team members on more complex Guidewire functionality and reinforces best practices
● Provides guidance related to the P&C insurance industry and Guidewire methodology

● Experience in most phases of Guidewire  projects
● Deep knowledge of core methodology assets, enough to support Inception activities
● Authors Knowledge Base articles or whitepapers to share meaningful technical and product experience

● Strong product knowledge in one product with high level understanding of one or more additional products
● Can create high level designs for moderately complex product gaps and enhancement user stories
● Develops deeper knowledge in key product features such as Rating or Reinsurance in PolicyCenter, Agency Bill in BillingCenter, and Reinsurance in ClaimCenter
● Can advise partner or customer on product best practices for multiple features in a single core product
● Experienced with complex implementations of Guidewire products
● Actively contributes to internal knowledge bases (e.g. support lists, etc.) following best practices

● Creates, submits, and corrects time and expense reports in a timely manner using the PSA
● Uses company resources in a responsible and cost-conscious manner

Message to candidate


● Must be eligible to work in Poland and no sponsorship will be provided.

● Proven experience

● No CCJs

● Fully completed applications


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