Software Development Manager  (SDM) at Information Technology & Services

Experience desired
12 years
Salary Offered
Market Salary
Job type
over 1 year ago
Primary skills
Software Development Manager, Digital Business Transformation, Product Engineering, TDD, BDD, CI/CD
Secondary skills
Web Application
As per market standard
Job description

Software Development Managers (SDM-I) are the bright talented and motivated mature minds with strong technical skills, delivering software applications and services that make life easier for customers.
The SDM is expected to work with one agile team to develop, test, and maintain digital business applications.

  • As an SDM you will get an opportunity to work with industry-leading clients and global teams to solve complex business problems and build your skills on the full stack of application development technologies
  • You will build and operate One highly focused on delivering solutions helping in Digital Business Transformation and Product Engineering
  • You will inculcate the spirit of agile & a product engineering mindset - defining the sprint outcomes, iteratively & incrementally, living by the spirit of the agile manifesto
  • You will create an environment for teams to freely express themselves and build truly empowered teams
  • You will nurture and create growth avenues for your teams, taking upon challenges
  • You will evangelize and share knowledge within Peer groups & Leadership; Provide and receive constructive feedback; While guiding the team in day to day application of best practices across the 3 aspects
  • You will bring in E2E Focus with Outcome-based deliveries & be accountable for the why what, how of delivery, following the engineering best practices, standards:
  • You will deliver Value, with Speed & Quality - interweaving Technology Skills, Engineering Craft with Leadership & Delivery
  • You will have a breadth of concepts, tools & technologies to guide - early and continuous adoption of NFRs like security, performance, reliability, maintainability
  • You will ensure timely optimizations and relevant design decisions are applied by the team at the module/components level
  • You will be a polyglot with a PE mindset – Open & Curious, learning & adopting new languages, platforms & toolkits constantly and inculcating the same culture within your squad/pod
  • You will work with SDE-IIIs, IIs to understand the overall system architecture, subsystems, standards & guidelines
  • You will strive for continuous functional and technical grooming (Functional & Non-Functional/NFRs) collaborating actively with stakeholders - locally & in client org., understanding end-to-end customer requirements
  • You will ensure engineering culture in practice by adopting relevant practices to translate strategic asks in action – ex: brainstorming, whiteboarding, design sessions, effective estimation, just enough design documentation, interfaces & wireframes etc.
  • You will build a continuous improvement mindset, working on opportunities to shift left; Proactive about the reduction of tech. debts, eliminating waste, increasing automation, using the right productivity tools, understanding client business, using metrics and OKRs to steer commitment
  • You will ensure problems are solved at a platform level, steering the direction of stories and system design
  • You will review Systems, Sub-systems/Modules, Ensure Implementation in-line with design & Integration with all dependent systems/modules; Focused & anchored on solving business problems.
  • You will build a Test-First approach applying TDD; while using BDD for Functional & Integration testing – building regression, unit & acceptance test suites
  • You will reduce and eliminate Tech Debts
  • You will use integrated tools like Jira, Confluence etc., along with other collaboration tools across geo-locations
  • You will perform Peer Reviews of system, sub-system, design & implementation, following the established coding standards
  • You will Use Static Analysis & Profiling tools to ensure high Code Quality & Performance
  • You will practice the DevOps mindset, adopting CI/CD to Deliver, Deploy & Support the implementation from Dev., QA environments all the way to Production
  • You will automate and improvise - Document Code (Doc as Code), Functional Features (BDD), User Manuals to help in the support & training

Experience Guidelines:

Mandatory skills

  • You have 12+ years of professional work experience
  • You are a change advocate, challenging the status quo

Skills - Technology & Tools

  • You are hands-on designing, architecting & reviewing; Looking at things from multiple perspectives – Technical & Non-Technical
  • You understand multiple Languages, Programming styles and are a problem solver
  • Craft - Engineering
    • You are comfortable dealing with abstractions & complexity
    • You understand the importance of SOLID, DRY design principles, design patterns & practice Clean Code
    • You are progressive and advocate right tools, technologies, frameworks for solving the relevant problems;
    • You understand the art of designing and building microservices from grounds up, considering all NFRs
    • You understand and appreciate the importance of Web Application Frameworks, Messaging & Eventing Platforms, Mocks & Stubs, Logging frameworks, Build tools, Containers, virtualization, proactive monitoring & alerting, dashboards
  • Leadership & Delivery
    • You translate strategies to actions on ground
    • You are delivery focused while understanding people, technology and business, with a pragmatic view of market drivers & constraints;
    • You work with multiple departments to manage staffing, communications, execution, monitoring & control, onboarding, training, succession planning, performance management, recognitions, capability building, procurement, marketing, pre-sales, vendor management, billing, financials & profitability, client reporting and build thought leadership

Optional skills

  • You understand infra. as code (cattle over pets)
  • You are aware of setting up a CI/CD pipeline infrastructure & stack from grounds-up
  • You are aware of log aggregators, distributed tracing, debugging and troubleshooting
  • You are aware of side-car, service mesh usage along with microservices
  • You are aware of distributed, cloud design patterns & architectural styles
  • You are aware of gateways, load-balancers, CDNs, Edge caching
  • You are aware of gherkin and cucumber for BDD automation


Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field

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