Offering Manager (Salesforce Practice) at Software Firm

Experience desired
10 years
Salary Offered
Market Salary
Job type
over 1 year ago
Primary skills
End-to-end Offering Management, CRM Sales, Delivery Management, Marketing Analytics, Air-traffic Control
Secondary skills
Self-motivation, Communication Skills, Technical aptitude, Problem -solving Skills
Job description

Your day in the role will include:


·         Be accountable for the ideation, development, and early-stage nurturing of one or more offerings, including but not limited to:

·         Identification and validation of market trends and client needs that drive the business needs for the offerings.

·         Creation of business models to establish the commercial feasibility of the offerings.

·         Setup and management of any alliances needed for the offerings.

·         Coordination with architecture, delivery, and support teams to define the technical blueprint of the offerings.

·         Coordination with marketing to access and leverage relevant demand generation channels to generate awareness of and demand for the offerings in the market.

·         Successful initial launch of the offerings through all relevant routes to market, and scaling of revenue until the offerings becomes established.

·         Knowledge transfer and handoff to “run team” (sales + delivery) once the offerings have become established.

·         Creation of case studies and identification of clients who are willing to serve as references to help the company to impact business outcomes, working with sales and delivery teams.

·         Creation of blog posts and enablement materials to announce new capabilities and drive adoption.

·         Develop an end-to-end offering management structure and workflow to gather and refine requirements; convert them into new offerings or improvements to existing offerings; and bring them to market through direct sales, partner channels, and digital routes to market.

·         On an ongoing basis:

·         Determine market competitiveness of existing and new offerings to ensure that their USP is clearly articulated to (and understood by) sales teams.

·         Develop, maintain, and update sales collateral and training materials.

·         Conduct necessary training of sellers.

·         Work with pricing teams to optimize packaging and pricing of offerings.

·         Create and refresh marketing collateral and use it to drive market presence, increase mindshare, and generate demand for offerings.

·         Work with delivery and architecture teams to optimize how offerings are built and delivered, with a particular emphasis on automation.


You’ll love this role if this describes you:


·         Deeply engrained self-motivation. You’re motivated to get work done. That means that you love efficiency and are driven to complete a project.

·         Air-traffic controller. You’re good at giving clear directions in-person, on the phone, and in email. You’ll have several projects you’re managing, multiple people you’re leading in a matrixed manner, and it’s your job to make sure everything gets done.

·         Managing and working through systems. You have experience implementing processes and procedures through core enterprise work systems.

·         Solid logical problem-solving skills. You’re honest and practical when it comes to solving problems. You’d rather give a correct answer that’s true, rather than try to make up an answer to please the client. That said, you work to a goal, and you don’t want to disappoint.

·         Clear communication skills. Your written and verbal communications are friendly, to the point, and professional. You have a natural but realistic tone to your communication style, and you’re not afraid of tough conversations.

·         Technical aptitude. If you have an IT or engineering background, and have worked in a technical environment, you should catch on quickly to our business.

Message to candidate


● Must be eligible to work in France and no sponsorship will be provided.

● Proven experience

● No CCJs

● Fully completed applications


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